Marathi Department

- Brief History -

Department of Marathi established in June 1994(100% grantable in 1999).
B.A. Part I 1994
B.A. Part II 1995
B.A. Part III 1996
Department of Marathi is established in June 1994 and became grantable in 1999.The purpose behind the establishment was to give an opportunity to remote area students, to study Marathi as a global language. Department takes care of overall development of students and encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities such as, essay writing, elocution ,debating competition, wall paper writing.. Department has a short-term course entitled ‘Gramin Patrkarikata’. Department has sufficient infrastructure facilities, learning resources. The Department shares common LCD projector. The Department has a good collection of books in the central library. It also has a fair number of quality CDs and DVDs related to language and literature which enables us to arrange screenings for students when required. Department has Two full-time sanctioned posts. Faculty engages in research activities. Students always participate in various competitions, such as model and poster presentation, research avishkar, Cultural programs and engage in research projects. The Department and faculty of Arts jointly organized a National Level Conference in 2017-18 on interdisciplinary subjects.


The courses of B.A. I & II and III became grantable in 1999. Department has Two full-time sanctioned posts, Department started functioning with some students but later on the strength of students increased. It progressed rapidly with increases in student number as well as faculty strength. At present, the department of Marathi has 12 students for T.Y B.A But it was introduced as a special subject in 1994

Highlights/ Features of the Department:

The department has One short term course “journalism” In terms of Resources and infra-structure too, the department has enough latest audio-visual equipment at its Disposal including, LCD projector with screen. The department has a good collection of books in the departmental library it also has a fair number of quality CDs and DVDs related to literature that enables us to arrange screenings for students from time to time. The department of Marathi provides a forum to the students for extra and co-curricular Activities such as Seminars, Group discussions, Tours, cultural programme every year. The students write about literature and other current issues which are included in this magazine. Majority of the past students of the department have adopted for research while some past students occupy important positions in self-employment. A few past students have also earned reputation as successful industrialists. Our Head of the department, Dr .B.P. Naik paper Publications in reputed Journals. He has completed one Minor and one Major research Projects. Many are also invited as guest speakers to other institutions as also as Resource persons for seminars, conferences or state and national-level. To achieve the above the research work carried out in the department has appeared in more than 50 papers published in various national and international journals and is also presented in seminars and conferences from time to time. The department organized an national Conference in 2017, The department organized ‘Marathi language day’, speech, Essay writing, poetry presentation for college students such as Rayat inspire, Rayat Avishkar and Seminar Competition for T.Y B.A students. The faculty members are actively involved in various programmers among people through popular lectures in colleges. All these developments clearly speak of the bright future of the department.

Faculty Profile

Name of the teacher Qualification Designation Total teaching experience Faculty Profile
Prof. Naik B. P. M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor UG: 25 years
PG: 04 years
Prof. Sutar B.A. MA.B.ED NET SET Assistant Professor UG: 06

Course Offered

B.A Part – I
1. Marathi Compulsory
2. Marathi Optional
3. foundation course

B.A. Part – II
1. Marathi P II Sahityprkarancha Aaabhyas Kadambari, Aatmkthan
2 Marathi P-III Bhasha Aani Bhash Aaabhyas: Malvani Boli

B.A. Part – III Paper:
B.A III Paper IV Medieval Marathi Literature:
B.A III Paper V Western Poetry :
B.A III Paper VI Literature & society :
B.A III Paper VII Linguistics and Marathi grammar :
B.A III Paper VIII Modern Marathi literature
B.A III Paper IX Occupational Marathi

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